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men like you are ready to bear the burden of the kingdom ?
You can make a blade of grass equivalent to ilouut 3Ieru by
holding it in your hand ; you can also treat that same Merit as
a blade of grass. You alone have the capacity to make the
impossible possible/'
Saluva Timmarasa replied ambiguously : 4t It is even so ;
for, the affairs of state are conducted in the present manner, be-
cause Your Majesty impels us to do everything by entrusting to
us the responsibility in all matters* If we do not find favour
with Your ilujesty, we are (of little worth) like grass. If a
sapphire attracts the straw, its value increases ; but if it fails
to do so, its value decreases, as it is not believed to be flawless.
Similarly, the servants derive their greatness from the majesty
of the king; and the king acquires fame by treating the
servants as becoming their position.'* Then Timmarasa
requested the king to return to the city>
The Raya said, " Where is our sovereignty ? Who is
inclined to submit to us V What can we do with the people who
do not obey us ? We are not capable of punishing them. How
can a person who has no power to command govern the earth?
How can one maintain justice ? (Without power) we cannot
put down the evil and uphold the good. So we will enter the
city only after forming a plan by means of which we can
enforce our authority ; otherwise we ought not to return."
The Raya, having given expression to his ideas, sat think-
ing silently for some time. Saluva Timmarasa, then said:
' What Your Majesty has been pleased to say is perfectly true ;
and it is also the right course of action. If, however, Your
Majesty is pleased to state what we should do, then all affairs
will, by Your Majesty's authority, be so arranged as to give
Your Majesty complete satisfaction."
The Raya replied: " You have made us sovereign;
then arrange the affairs in a manner suitable to the
dignity of a supreme monarch. We used to listen* accord-
ing to our custom, to the recital of the maxims on political